About Payday Loans

Quick Stop Loans ™ provides a lender matching service. When you complete an application your information is encrypted and sent securely to a 3rd party where it is then distributed to the payday loan lenders.

Once you complete the application and if you are approved the loan interest rates and terms will be made available for you to review BEFORE you accept the loan. You will NOT be issued a loan unless you agree to the terms of the loan.

The Truth in Lending Act requires all payday loan lenders to fully disclose any fees and the loan interest rate. You are under no obligation to accept the payday loan if you don’t like the terms.

Your state laws may affect the payday loan amount that you can be approved for and the interest rates. The interest rate of you loan can vary from lender to lender.

If you do NOT repay you loan the lender will report your to the consumer reporting agency. This is the agency that keeps records of your credit history. The lender may also take legal action to get the amount you owe them if you do not repay your loan. If the lender offers you a loan renewal policy make sure you understand the terms of this policy because there will be additional fees.

Payday loans should be used as short term loans not long term loans. These types of loans are generally used by people that have bad credit and can’t secure a loan at a bank. The interest rates of payday loans are higher than traditional bank loans due to the risk factor for the lender.

If you have any questions please use the contact form by clicking the contact link in the footer of this page.